Investments & Financing

Structuring of Public Private Partnership Projects (Build Own Operate and Transfer / Build Own Operate / Engineering Procurement Construction + Finance / Engineering Procurement Construction)

  • Prospecting, identification of projects and opportunities,
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies,
  • Creation of the project company / Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

Structuring of investment:

  • Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Operating Expenditure (OPEX)

Financial structuring:

  • Equity & Quasi-Equity,
  • Debt and debt structuring,
    Negotiations and implementation of guarantees, etc.

Business Plan (financial model) considering all the assumptions associated with the project as well as the negotiated tax conditions.
Financial closure consisting of the preparation of banking documents such as:

  • Concession Contracts,
  • purchase contracts, PPA
  • Profile of developer(s),
  • Financial model,
  • Project implementation schedule integrating a detailed development and construction budget,
  • Land permits,
  • Building and operating permits,
  • All required permits.

Due diligence:

  • Due diligence on the project,
  • Due diligence on developers and key individual stakeholders,
  • Due diligence on contracts negotiated and signed.

Financing contract.

  • Elaboration of appropriate contracts.
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